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    Hey Everyone-Here are a few preview clips from our (BIG!) interview with Dan Rather, airing tomorrow, July 21st on AXS TV at 8pm ET/5pm PT! If you aren't sure if you have AXS, you can check here:

    During the hour-long candid interview, we'll be discussing the road our musical journey has taken us on, and how we've kept our relationship strong for over 35 years. It's going to be fantastic and we can't wait for y'all to watch! 

    How We Met

    What Pat Does In Her Spare Time

    How Neil "Spyder" Giraldo Got His Nickname

    The MTV Impact

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    Hey Everyone-Check out our baby daughter, Hana and Totem's latest track! This first is "Do you love me Anymore" and the other is "BLOODMOON". Give them both a listen and follow her on Soundcloud at:

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    Check out this great interview Spyder did with MusicRadar! You can read the full story at the following link:

    Anybody who’s come within a country mile of a radio during the past 35 years has heard - and marveled at - Neil Giraldo’s astonishing guitar playing. On a glittering cavalcade of Pat Benatar smash hits, his crafty, melodious licks and robust solos have come roaring out, brimming with spunk and considerable charm, enlivening that which already seems like perfection.

    He’s the kind of guy who makes it seem so easy - you can just picture a teenaged Giraldo dishing out riffs for astonished classmates and then coolly shrugging it off like, “No big deal.” But the guitarist maintains that he’s had to work at it - the soloing aspect, especially.

    “I didn’t have a lot of dexterity when I started out,” he says. “My mantra became, ‘I’m going to learn three chords and make them sound like God is playing them.’ Solos and everything else took a back seat for a while. Eventually, I figured that stuff out.”

    That he did - Giraldo’s prodigious chops earned him a prime spot in Rick Derringer’s touring band, his first big-time gig before his eventual musical and marital partnership with Benatar.

    “I learned a lot from Rick,” Giraldo says. “One thing that’s stayed with me is an observation he made. He said, ‘You sound like yourself. Don’t think that you can go on somebody else’s rig and sound like them. That ain’t gonna happen.’”

    Giraldo decided to test out Derringer’s perceptiveness: “I plugged into Rick’s rig, 'cause he got such a great sound, and wouldn’t you know it? I sounded just like me!’ Rick was right, and that was a very important thing for me to realize: I had my sound, and I should own it.”

    On the following pages, Giraldo runs down his top five tips for guitarists.

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    In anticipation of our July 23rd performance at the Plaza Theater in El Paso, local PBS station KCOS will air a special broadcast of our 35th Anniversary Concert on June 8th at 8:30pm. The special will also re-air on June 13th at 7:30 pm.

    They will be broadcasting our 35th Anniversary Tour footage & will be offering tickets to the 7/23 show as a “thank you” for donations to public television!

    Tune in for your chance to win a ticket and help us in supporting a great public service!

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    Wonderful interview we had with Rolling Stone about our unique mashup of Heartbreaker & Ring of Fire from the 35th Anniversary release.

    We’ve always felt a connection with Johnny Cash & June Carter and in a lot of ways we see a bit of ourselves in their relationship….read all about our thoughts, advice, and ideas regarding the ever-changing music industry!!!


    We also wanted to give a shout-out to the Red Nose Day organization. Join us and many others to raise funds to end poverty for children and young people everywhere! #RedNose #rednoseday 
    You can donate over at:
    Learn more about the organization and see photos from Red Nose Day at:
    Also if you missed it the other day, we started our second contest on our Facebook page ( where each week we share a  video of us talking about important songs from our career and asking you to share your own stories on how the song has become part of your lives. 

    To share your story (and enter the contest for the free autographed copy of the 2-CD/DVD 35th Anniversary release!), visit and post it as a comment.


    The new LIVE "35th Anniversary Tour" release is out now as 2-CD, DVD and combo formats and is available on iTunes at Amazon at as well as Best Buy, Walmart, and your other favorite music retailers!
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    We're hitting a whole bunch of media for the new album today in New York! We'll be LIVE on some of your morning shows!

    Check out the full schedule below to see in action and to find out more info about the album and tour! Tune in and say hello on social media! 

         CBS This Morning (CBS-NATL) LIVE at 8:30am EST!
         #35thlive #newsisback @cbsnews

         OutNumbered (Fox News) LIVE at 12pm EST! 
         #35thlive #oneluckyguy @outnumberedfnc

         Closing Bell (CNBC-NATL) LIVE at 4:30pm EST!
         #35thlive @CNBCClosingBell