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    Dear Ones,

    It has been a crazy week ……Spyder’s eye injury was unexpected and terrifying.Thanking God and the Universe that he was able to have surgery immediately and save his eye.He is healing nicely and expected to make a full recovery!Unfortunately,not soon enough for us to continue the tour.He is unable to fly,exert himself or engage in any activity that could compromise the healing process.So with heavy hearts, we will have to cancel the scheduled dates,through Alaska.We
     know this is such a huge disappointment for everyone,us included.We were having a blast out there,celebrating our milestone anniversary with all of you!Ya’ll were there every night….singing your hearts out,rockin’ like crazy!We thank you for your never ending enthusiasm and dedication… are the BEST!We hope you understand that we must do this,to ensure Spyder’s good health for the future.We hope to be out there performing for ya’ll for many years to come!We’ll keep you posted on his progress and any updates regarding future performances.Thank you for your good wishes and your continued patience and support.

    We’ll see you out there!

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    Dear Ones-

    Most of you already know about Spyder's injury to his eye and the emergency surgery he had over the weekend. He's doing very well and should make a full recovery. Unfortunately, he will be unable to travel or perform for a while. It is with our deepest regret and sincerest apologies, that effective immediately, all 5 shows previously scheduled for Aug 11-16 will have to be cancelled.”

    -Pat & Spyder


    "I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers, they certainly are contributing to the healing process. I have been experiencing headaches for the past month, performing through the pain.....thinking it was nothing and would just go away. It didn't.....instead it turned out to be a serious eye emergency and required immediate surgery to repair it. The prognosis is good and I look forward to seeing y'all soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You're the best!"


    All refunds will be processed at point of purchase.

    August 11: Apple Valley, MN - Minnesota Zoo – Weesner Family Amphitheater
    August 12: Moorhead, MN - Bluestem Center for the Arts Amphitheatre
    August 13: Bismarck, ND - Bismarck Event Center
    August 15: Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Rock Music Festival
    August 16: Calgary, AB - Grey Eagle Resort and Casino – Event Centre

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    Celebrate August 2015 with us!

    As you know we are continuing our 35th Anniversary Tour across America.We also have two other anniversaries to celebrate this month. August 1st, 1981 was the launch of MTV and our video,"You Better Run", was the 2nd video ever played on MTV! On that historic day,Spyder became the 1st guitarist to play on MTV!

    Coming up on August 5th....Is the 35th Anniversary of the release of the "Crimes of Passion" LP. The record debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 album charts and stayed there for five straight weeks, spawning the hit singles “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”,"You Better Run” and "Treat Me Right".The album also included the groundbreaking,"Hell is For Children".

    "Crimes of Passion" sold over 5 million copies in the U.S. alone and went on to win a Grammy. Join us all this week as we celebrate at our live shows!

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    Hey Everyone-Here are a few preview clips from our (BIG!) interview with Dan Rather, airing tomorrow, July 21st on AXS TV at 8pm ET/5pm PT! If you aren't sure if you have AXS, you can check here:

    During the hour-long candid interview, we'll be discussing the road our musical journey has taken us on, and how we've kept our relationship strong for over 35 years. It's going to be fantastic and we can't wait for y'all to watch! 

    How We Met

    What Pat Does In Her Spare Time

    How Neil "Spyder" Giraldo Got His Nickname

    The MTV Impact

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    Hey Everyone-Check out our baby daughter, Hana and Totem's latest track! This first is "Do you love me Anymore" and the other is "BLOODMOON". Give them both a listen and follow her on Soundcloud at:

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    Check out this great interview Spyder did with MusicRadar! You can read the full story at the following link:

    Anybody who’s come within a country mile of a radio during the past 35 years has heard - and marveled at - Neil Giraldo’s astonishing guitar playing. On a glittering cavalcade of Pat Benatar smash hits, his crafty, melodious licks and robust solos have come roaring out, brimming with spunk and considerable charm, enlivening that which already seems like perfection.

    He’s the kind of guy who makes it seem so easy - you can just picture a teenaged Giraldo dishing out riffs for astonished classmates and then coolly shrugging it off like, “No big deal.” But the guitarist maintains that he’s had to work at it - the soloing aspect, especially.

    “I didn’t have a lot of dexterity when I started out,” he says. “My mantra became, ‘I’m going to learn three chords and make them sound like God is playing them.’ Solos and everything else took a back seat for a while. Eventually, I figured that stuff out.”

    That he did - Giraldo’s prodigious chops earned him a prime spot in Rick Derringer’s touring band, his first big-time gig before his eventual musical and marital partnership with Benatar.

    “I learned a lot from Rick,” Giraldo says. “One thing that’s stayed with me is an observation he made. He said, ‘You sound like yourself. Don’t think that you can go on somebody else’s rig and sound like them. That ain’t gonna happen.’”

    Giraldo decided to test out Derringer’s perceptiveness: “I plugged into Rick’s rig, 'cause he got such a great sound, and wouldn’t you know it? I sounded just like me!’ Rick was right, and that was a very important thing for me to realize: I had my sound, and I should own it.”

    On the following pages, Giraldo runs down his top five tips for guitarists.