Feel The Music

Oct 8. 2012 by User

Pat Benatar belts "Heartbreaker," Laura Owens, on an elevated platform to the far right of the stage, passionately pantomimes the song. Her face contorts and she signs and gestures as if her heart has been ripped out. Her eyes reflect the regret and anger of a woman suddenly betrayed by a man she believed to be a "dream-maker."

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  1. 02/09/16

    Polk Theatre

    Lakeland, FL
  2. 02/11/16

    Marina Civic Center

    Panama City, FL
  3. 02/12/16

    King Center for the Performing Arts

    Melbourne, FL
  4. 02/14/16

    Fontaine and Fleur De Lis Ballroom

    Miami, FL
  5. 02/15/16

    Capitol Theatre

    Clearwater, FL
  6. 02/18/16


    Naples, FL